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The two strong points of our oil

Unique Design

We cooperate with artists and designers,
the most innovative to create masterpieces that will travel
around the world and keep our precious Elixir.

It is Awarded

From 2016 until today our olive oil Coratina
ived the most prestigious International Awards,
which certify and ensure its supreme quality.

The taste

To claim an unconditional uniformity of taste and flavor when you talk about a vast and variegated universe as that of extra virgin olive oil would be simply inconceivable.

As with all natural products, the man can determine some of the characteristics through the choices and techniques of cultivation, collection and processing, but there are variables related to the characteristics of each cultivar and year of production, which can not be fully controlled. And it is absolutely normal, when not desirable, that it is so. What Oilalà undertakes to do is to always ensure the highest possible quality to those who trust in their products, monitoring the ripening of the fruit, selecting the best olives, using the most modern techniques of the pressing of the olives and storing the oil in ideal conditions.

To meet the tastes of the consumer, we have decided to offer them two different types of oil obtained from the Monocultivar of Leccino, and Coratina, adding a third, which is instead the result of a blend composed of several varieties. Oils are very different among them and are able to respond to specific expectations in terms of taste.
The extracted oil from the Leccino is fresh, a little bit fruity and sensitive, with a lower content of polyphenol than the one extracted from the Coratina olive, then the perception of bitter and spicy and stays on the values that tend to be low. By virtue of the taste not too strong, with hunches of almond, artichoke, lettuce leaves and aromatic herbs, it is ideal for delicate dishes like baked fish and white meat, but it pairs very well with tomatoes, bruschetta, and grilled vegetables. It is especially popular and significant in the feeding of children.