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Bag In Box – Extra Virgin Olive Oil Monovariety Peranzana 5 Liters


The bag in box is an innovative packaging, the future of packaging extra virgin olive oil for home consumption.

Shipped in EU for 30 € (for orders up to 69 €)
or 10 € (for orders over 69 €)


Our Monovariety Peranzana is the perfect choice for those who prefer a milder extra virgin olive oil with a sweet flavor. It is defined a “Medium/Light Fruity” olive oil, nevertheless it has got its own character. Enjoy the nice flavors of white fruit, lettuce and roasted almonds, slightly peppery after taste. Best to dress your sea food or fish salads, boiled fishes, steamed shrimps or more classical dishes like salads, pasta or raw vegetables.

Origin of the olives: Barletta, Apulia, Italy
Variety: 100% Peranzana
Harvest: October – November
Extraction method: Brought to mill within 6 hours from olive picking – cold pressing at 25°
Acidity: 0.17%
Polyphenols: 280 mg/kg
Tocopherols: 90 mg/kg
Shelf life: 18 months from bottling
Packaging: Bag in Box
Keep the bag in box in a dark and dry place

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Weight5 kg


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