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Benefits of eating olives

There are several reasons to choose eating olives in our diet. Olives are a great low-kilojoules snack packed with “good” fats. But no matter which type of olive you enjoy – whether in a martini, salad, sandwich or as a tapenade – olives offer many health benefits. Benefits of eating olives Olives are synonymous of […]

Olive oil benefits for skin

Olive oil comes in many different forms and has many uses. But not every one of us knows that Olive oil has a lot of benefits for your health and especially for your skin. Here you can find the main benefit for your skin produced by olive oil. Olive oil and your skin care Most […]

Medicinal benefits of olive oil

Olive oil has a great number of health benefits. The health effects of dietary fat sometime are controversial, but, experts agree that olive oil, and especially extra virgin, is good for each health. In this article you can find some medicinal beneficts of our olive oil. What the medical studies suggest All the world knows […]

Olive oil spray

Olive oil is an indispensable ingredient in our kitchens. From simple recipes to more elaborate ones, olive oil is a must have in every kitchen and essential on every table. But did you know the new and innovative way to serve it? Olive oil spray! Let’s see its characteristics! Olive oil spray Using olive oil […]

Olive oil for baby

There are a lot of benefits linked to the use of olive oil, especially for our babies. It is well known for its benefits on health, skin and hair. Since a very long time, olive oil has been a part of several culinary traditions worldwide. For this reason, nowadays we believe that is good for […]

Infused olive oil

Iinfused olive oil is a light, tasty way to add flavor to different kinds of meal.It can be used as a dressing on your food or in different cooking ways. Easy to make at home, its process requires careful consideration of ingredients to prevent the growth of bacteria in the bottle. Infused olive oil It […]

Olive oil cholesterol

Is the olive oil a good product for cholesterol patients? Our answer is, without doubt, yes and in this article you can find our explanation to show you the reason that makes olive oil a good product for cholesterol patients. Relationship between Olive oil and cholesterol Not every kind of fats are bad for our […]

Olive oil bread

Preparing good homemade bread is always a great satisfaction especially concerning olive oil bread. In Italy, it is an ancient tradition often handed down by our grandmothers who knew how to make homemade bread. Our Olive oil bread is so fragrant and delicious that it seems the ideal product to filled with salami or to […]

Italy and olive oil

Italy and olive oil, the longest love story of all time Italy thrust itself in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, making  it the perfect environment for the natural growth of many varieties of olive trees. For this reason the populations that have lived in the Italian peninsula have had the possibility to enjoy a […]

Bio olive oil

Our business: Bio olive oil It is a no brainer that when it comes to food, you want only the best for you and your family and friends. We firmly believe in this idea and that is why our business is one and simple: providing you with the finest bio olive oil on the market. […]