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Sweet Balsamic Vinegar Dressing

Sweet Balsamic Vinegar Dressing Here at we are experts in making the best olive oil you can find on the market, but over the years this was not enough, therefore we became also experts in vinegars and decided to offer our loyal customers sweet balsamic vinegar dressing. Our core value: respect for tradition We […]

Olive oil process

Our olive oil process In order to better understand the quality of our olive oil it is paramount to know the various phases of our olive oil process. It all starts with the harvesting, which takes place from mid October and ends in mid november depending on the variety of the olives. We take particular […]

Olive oil extract

Olive oil extract: interesting news At we are all about olive oil, in all its forms and varieties. We are very fond of the traditions we carry on and the way we do our job. All starts around the half of October and ends in mid November, it all depends on the specific cultivar […]

Olive oil diet

Olive Oil Mediterranean Diet Olive oil and particularly extra virgin olive oil stands at the very core of what is commonly called the Mediterranean diet. Of course it takes its name from the geographical origins of the cuisines of all those countries in southern Europe, where olive trees have been growing for millennia and have […]

How to use olive oil

Extreme Cooking: Olive Oil Edition How can you put your finest olive oil to use? Well, a complete answer would be too long to give you here, still we can give you a few suggestions. So let’s see together how to use olive oil. Ever Greens Of course you can use olive oil to deep […]

olio extravergine di oliva

How To Make Balsamic Vinegar Dressing

How To Make Balsamic Vinegar Dressing In the last few years we have witnessed a phenomenon that we could describe as an invasion in our kitchens and tables: more and more chefs and restaurants offer balsamic vinegar dressing both on their dishes but also as an additional dressing for their customers. Not only that, ever […]

Garlic and Olive oil

Garlic and Olive oil: properties and news We have discussed long and far of the many beneficial values of olive oil but we never spoke of garlic and olive oil together. This combination allows you to benefit not only from the olive oil but also the many values of this root vegetable. Properties of garlic […]

Olio d'oliva

Calories in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Calories in Extra Virgin Olive Oil Olive oil is the most used dressing in Italian cuisine, and it is often used all around the world, but those of you who are most careful about their diet and health might wonder: how many calories in extra virgin olive oil? Is it a healthy dressing for my […]

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil: simple, tasty and natural Extra virgin olive oil is the result of the very first squeezing of olives without adding any other chemical solvent or making it pass through any industrial intervention to modify it. There are many medical studies that prove that extra virgin olive oil is the best and […]

Benefits of olives

Benefits of olives

There are several factors and elements that produce some health benefits of olives on our body. Here you can find some interesting olive health facts and their effects on our health. When you finish, your idea of olives as appetizer is definitely changed. Health benefits of olives Everyone of us knows the benefits of olives […]