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The three strong points of our oil

It’s good for your health

The oil Oilalà Monocultivar Coratina
contains three times more of Polyphenols,
present in a majority of olive oils on the market.
The Polyphenols are the best natural antioxidants for our body,
powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer.

Unique Design

We cooperate with artists and designers, the most innovative
to create masterpieces that will travel around the world
and keep our precious Elixir.

It is Awarded

From 2016 until today our olive oil Coratina
has received the most prestigious International Awards,
which certify and ensure its supreme quality.

The Roots

There once was a man called Spyridon, said the “dreamer” who spent his life dedicating himself to his family and love for the countryside and care of his trees.

Of Greek origin (Corfu), he was established in San Ferdinando di Puglia, a small rural town near the larger city of Barletta. And here he produced a deep and perfumed oil with tasty and nutritious vegetables.

This man was my grandfather. From him I inherited a lot of things. The name, first of all, and then the passion for agriculture and for travels. But more than anything he taught me to believe in my dreams.

The ones who love us

Here are the most important brands who already chose Oilalà

The big cities in the world where Oilalà oil is used